Public Roads and 人行道上

The Public Roads and 人行道上 Division is managed by Wayne Smith the Roads Superintendent.The division is responsible for maintaining 200-miles of paved roads, 30-miles of dirt and gravel roads and 11.5 acres of paved parking area.

The division's responsibility includes patching potholes, 标志的维护, roadway drainage maintenance, 裂缝密封, grading dirt and gravel roads, mowing and vegetation management on public rights-of-ways, clipping of shoulders to eliminate standing water, asphalt overlay and sealing paved roads and other road maintenance operations.The Public Roads and 人行道上 Division is also called upon to construct new roads, convert dirt and gravel roads into improved roads, grade new building sites, install drainage and other site work associated with the construction of new County buildings.

桃县 Road Department is not responsible for maintenance of any Georgia State Highways in 桃县. These include SR 49, US 341/SR7, SR96, SR 247C, and SR 49C. Please call GDOT at 511 to report any issues on State Highways. 桃县 Road Department is not responsible for any roads and streets in the city limits of Fort Valley, 拜伦, 华纳罗宾斯, 和佩里. To report an issue in these cities please contact the respective city public works department.

To Report a Problem or Issue

The 桃县 Road Department appreciates the help of residents reporting any needed maintenance or safety issue on our roads and rights-of-ways. Motorists who use our roads every day are usually fastest way to identify problems. If you notice a problem or issue on our roads or rights-of-ways please report it to us. The issue can be reported by clicking this link:

The County offers an App to let you submit Roads, 人行道上, Parks and 固体废物 Action Request from your smart device or phone. Our work request system utilizes software from iWorQ. The iWorQ Service Request app can be downloaded from the Google or Apple App stores. You will be asked for a Community Code. The Code for 桃县 is 31030. The app lets you report an issue by filling a form or taking a photo. We look forward to hearing from you.