Telemarketing Safety


  • Ask telemarketers for their company's name and address and a clear explanation of the offer they are making.
  • Call your state attorney general's office, the Better 业务 Bureau, or the local consumer protection agency where the organization is located. Ask if any complaints have been made against the firm.
  • Ask about the company's refund policy.
  • Ask the caller to send you written materials to study before you make a purchase.
  • Talk to family and friends, even your lawyer, accountant, or banker. Get their advice before you make any large purchase or investment.
  • Ask that your telephone number be removed from telemarketing lists if you don't want to be called again.
  • If calls continue, contact the police. It's illegal to call someone after they have asked to be removed from a list.

  • Pay to get a prize. It's illegal to make you pay to enter a contest, and your chances of winning are not improved by making a purchase.
  • Allow any caller to intimidate or bully you into buying something "right now".
  • Give any caller your bank account number unless you are authorizing a payment to be deducted.
  • Give your credit card number to anyone unless you made the call and you are making a purchase.
  • Wire money or send money by an overnight delivery service unless you initiated the transaction.